Virtual world + Fashion =

Garment-O is a simplified digital execution of the Bespoke clothing experience. The consumer now has the power to design his garment and configure his signature look.

A Web platform that gives consumer the ease to select their favourite clothing from the comfort of their home.

About Garment-O

A Cataloging and Personalisation Web Store

Garment-O can be integrated onto new websites or existing websites and can be viewed across all devices and platforms helping businesses gain a competitive edge and spread their brand in 3D! Let the consumers share the looks with their friends and social media pages!

Garment-O Products


3-D Suit Configurator

Design your own suit with different fabrics along with different suit styles all in one place

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3-D Suit Viewer

Design your own suit with different fabrics along with different suit styles all in one place

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3-D Garment Viewer

A web based platform where the user can visualize cloth materials and patterns on any garment

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Tshirt Logo Viewer

Bring your logos to your tshirt consumers in real time with just an upload and 3D viewing capabilities

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3-D Ethnic Wear Configurator

Select your ethnic wear dresses for any occasion and visualize in 3D in your home comfort

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3-D School Uniform Viewer

Its never been easier to select a school uniform for the kids.

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Services Provided for Garment-O

Fabric Digitization

Scan, color correct and seamless repeats are a basic process for fabric digitization. We can help you digitize your fabrics.


Though Garment-O offers ready to go product models, our digital studio can create customized models for your website.


Every now and then, specific requirements are serviced. We are happy to assist on any customization within our framework.

Garment-O Benefits

No App, No Problem

Our Web App Solution makes it really simple for anyone to view Garment-O without downloading heavy apps.

Easy Integration

Embed the Garment-O 3D experience into your existing apps or products with a single line of integration API.

Insightful Analytics

With Built-in analytics generate custom dashboards, and automated reports about how people interact with your experiences.

User Experience

Build Highly Immersive And Interactive Scenes With Garment-O.

Expand Your Reach

Get data and user interactions sent to the platform of your choice. Generate rich leads with user preferences.

Digitalise Buying Experience

Get your catalogs and design online and let customers interact with your garments.

All Supported Devices

Oculus Rift / Go, HTC Vive / Touch, Google Daydream / Cardboard, Gear VR.
Just share / embed a simple link that works on Mobiles, PCs and Laptops seamlessly.
 Controllers / Gestures
Integrate your custom interfaces with ease to customize your experience to suit a variety of requirements.

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