AR + VR = XR

XR's  ability to deliver immersive experiences enables brands to connect with consumers in ways that establish emotional connections and bring brands and consumers closer. The immersive technologies behind extended reality (XR) are having a profound impact on enterprise, allowing companies to interact with their customers in new ways and connect their people more effectively. We at Icarus Innovations provide an 'XR Advantage' to brands to showcase their products with a visual delight and a vibrant experience.

Time to join the Virtual Worlds has come

The Extended Reality (XR) space is a combination of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality.

The Reach Factor

762 Million XR-Compatible Smartphones in the World and growing. The audience is waiting for you to arrive !!

Different Mediums

AR/VR image

Augmented Reality
is an overlay of virtual content on the real world

AI/ML image

Virtual Reality
is an immersive experience, created using real-world or purely synthetic content.

What we Provide

Product Development

From the web to mobile applications and headsets, let us take your ideas and transform them into new mediums.

Customised Solutions

With endless options we analyse and execute on actionable intelligence and expertise to build a solution that fits you reality.

Advisory and Consultancy

Helping you understand the potential and limitations of immersive technologies through audits, strategy sessions and creative sprints.

One Stop solution

No App, No Problem

Our Web AR Solution makes it really simple for anyone to view AR without downloading heavy apps.

Easy Integration

Embed our AR experiences into your existing apps or products with a single line of integration API.

Insightful Analytics

With Build-in analytics generate custom dashboards, and automated reports about how people interact with your experiences.

User Experience

Build Highly Immersive And Interactive Scenes With XR. Tell your story through Characters.

Expand Your Reach

Get data and user interactions sent to the platform of your choice. Generate rich leads with user preferences.

Voice Interactions

Build intuitive experiences with an amazing combination of voice interactions and 3D 360 visuals.

All Supported Devices

Oculus Rift / Go, HTC Vive / Touch, Google Daydream / Cardboard, Gear VR.
Just share / embed a simple link that works on Mobiles, PCs and Laptops seamlessly.
 Controllers / Gestures
Integrate your custom interfaces with ease to customize your experience to suit a variety of requirements.

Our Provided Services

Web AR

Tired of Downloading Apps for Interactive content? Web based AR Solutions directly work on the web browser of the smartphone, making, downloading an app,completely obsolete.

Web VR

WebVR is an open specification that makes it possible to experience VR in your browser. The goal is to make it easier for everyone to get into VR experiences, no matter what VR device you have.

AR/VR Apps

Build custom experiences on Apps for your brand and market your products with an immersive and interactive experience by connecting the physical and the digital world! Transform your brand, with enhanced interactive and 3D content.

AR Business Cards

Make a statement for your brand when you use AR based Business cards! Let the card tell your story with the magic of Augmented Reality!

Snapchat AR

Market your brand through immersive and engaging content like Filters, 3D Models and animations, to more than 190 million daily active users of snapchat and share it with the world!

Facebook AR

Combine textures and objects with AR to create a huge range of effects - from simple masks to interactive games. Bring your most imaginative augmented reality ideas to life.Layer stunning AR effects over people, objects and places with facebook AR.

360 Images & Videos

Live and experience 360 photos and videos in an immersive way. We can help you integrate, 360 Photos and videos over the app or even the Web!

Web 3D Content

Using the power of WebGL, enhance your brand’s websites with 3D content such as 3D models and animations to create a unique visual browsing experience.

3D Scanning

Showcase your products to the Digital World by using our 3D Scanning technology. Create 3D Models of products and inventions with 3D scanning and integrate it with Digital platforms!


Engage customers and increase footfalls for events using attractive interactive displays with the ability to click photos, play interactive games built with high tech technologies. Let customers be your marketing agents and share the photos of their experience at your event on social media!

Print Media AR

Digitally transform your company’s brochures, Newspaper ad, product, flyers, postcards, packaging or any other item with interactive content, including videos, image slide shows, link to your Brand’s social profiles, reviews and much more and make your mark in the World!

3D Configurators

Let your customers easily discover, view and configure your products in an interactive & engaging 3D experience. Be it Web or any other device we have got you covered!

Industry Applications