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Who are we?

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

Mahatma Gandhi
Icarus Innovations ® is a Deep Tech Startup working on commercial solutions using AR/VR and Deep Learning. The company provides applications in the field of Automobiles, SaaS and Garment & Textile Industry.
As the tagline goes, the company uses cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented & Virtual Reality to solve the problems of the world and innovate the future.


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Kapil Jain


Product Development

Computers do not solve problems, they execute solutions.

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Aumkar Rane


Business Operations

Dream. Engineer. Fly!

Our Story

With the love and passion for developing technology, two friends came together, leaving their roles from Fortune 500 companies to build a new dream and a hope to revolutionise and innovate the future and change the game!
We strive to help businesses, organisations communities and the planet grow better by providing turn-key, cost-effective and technologically advanced solutions with the highest quality of customer service.
To be the benchmark technology company that offers world-class and innovative tech services and products that empower businesses and organisations and innovate the future.


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Our Flagship Product which is a web based platform where the user can visualize cloth materials and patterns on any garment

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Jewellery Virtual Try-On

Try out the look of the ornaments such as earrings and necklaces in the comfort of their home

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Face Try-On

Capture a photo and create a 3D model of your head to be placed on the Garment

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Interior Decorator

Decide your fabric for your sofa, curtain and many more interiors by mix match in our 3D system

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Kitchen Design Studio

Select material for your kitchen with ease and save your designs along with materials and cost

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360 Tour platform

A web based platform where you can build elegant, aesthetically pleasing and beautiful panoramic tours.

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3D Photoshoot Capture

From 3D scanning human models to creating your own photoshoot scenes with different places and content

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Why Choose Us?

We’re Innovative

We find the best ideas to solve your problems.

We’re Punctual

We always do tasks on time, saving your useful resources.

We have magic

You will be delighted to see our AI in action.

We love minimalism

We give all the data you need in a very simple way.

We’re responsible

With us, you can trust your data to be secure.

We're Communicative

We listen to your requirements with utmost importance.

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