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Who are we?

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

Mahatma Gandhi
Icarus Innovations is a tech based solutions provider with applications in the field of Real Estate, Agriculture, Inspection, Mining, Surveillance, Railways, Roadways and much more.
As the tagline goes, the company uses cutting edge technologies such as Drones, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented & Virtual Reality to solve the problems of the world and innovate the future.


Nice to meet!

Computers do not solve problems, they execute solutions.

Kapil Jain
Full Stack Software Engineer | AR / VR | Blockchain Developer

Whats Up!

Dream. Engineer. Fly!

Aumkar Rane
UAV Design| Fabrication and Operations

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Artificial Intelligence usually beats real stupidity.

Nirbhay Pherwani
Artificial Intelligence Explorer | Core Software Engineer

Our Story

With the love for drones and passion for developing technology, the three partners came together leaving their roles from Fortune 500 companies to build a new dream and a hope to revolutionise and innovate the future and change the game!
We strive to help businesses, organisations communities and the planet grow better by providing turn-key, cost-effective and technologically advanced solutions with the highest quality of customer service.
To be the benchmark technology company that offers world-class and innovative tech services and products that empower businesses and organisations and innovate the future.

Drone Services

Agricultural Solutions
Crop Variability & Analysis, Irrigation Inspection, Crop Health Data and Imagery …
Surveillance Solutions
Surveillance of Traffic, Events, Festivals, Concerts, Natural Calamities and Emergencies …
Construction Solutions
Project Monitoring, Plan Verification & Analysis, Land Surveying, Promotional Photography …
Roads & Railways
Road Development Management, Railway Track Maintenance and Inspections, Road Damages and Potholes Check …
Mining Solutions
Stock Pile Analysis, Elevation & 3D Models, Instant Measurements, Contour Maps …
Inspection Solutions
Inspection of Various Facilities and Utilities like Solar Roofs, Power Lines, Pipe Lines, Bridges…

Work Process

We strongly believe in detailed, customer friendly approach which are inured to streamline the processes and work together as a team. This is to ensure proper detailing, accuracy and also a structured approach in a minimalistic but innovative way. The customer’s requirements are of the utmost importance and we ensure that we meet those with proper care and satisafaction.

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to produce high quality photos. Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) are equipped with the latest electronics, including HD video cameras, gyro-stabilized gimbal camera mounting systems, and progressive software applications to get the shots and footage that were previously only available from full size aircraft.

1. Collect
Once the project goal and improvement activity and customer requirements are defined, we collect the necessary data through our standardized procedures in a completely safe and secure way.
2. Analyze
The data collected is then studied and analysed in order to solve or improve the existing issues and processes with the help of advanced softwares and technology.
3. Deliver
After careful analysis, we deliver the results and suggestions to the customer to control the improved process and future process performance.

Other Services

AR / VR Solutions
Know more …
AI / ML Solutions
Know more …

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We’re Innovative

We find the best ideas to solve your problems.

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We always do tasks on time, saving your useful resources.

We have magic

You will be delighted to see our AI in action.

We love minimalism

We give all the data you need in a very simple way.

We’re responsible

With us, you can trust your data to be secure.

We're Communicative

We listen to your requirements with utmost importance.


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